New Treatment for Activation of the Intestine

We have developed a range of dietary supplements to strengthen the defenses of the intestine & brain!

  • To improve the integrity of the intestinal mucosa barrier
  • Activation of intestinal-brain axis
  • For cleaning and purification of the intestine
  • Revitalization of the whole metabolism
  • Stabilization of the immune system

Our dietary supplements clean and detoxify the colon and improve and strengthen the intestinal wall integrity.
At the same time the intestine will be supplied with biodynamic and vital substances.
This leads to the stabilization of the entire
gastrointestinal system, and thus to an
active intestinal activity.

A healthy colon forms the basis for a strong immune system.


Treatment to clean and detoxify the colon

In the intestinal tract is a major part of the
immune system. 
An intact mucosa with healthy intestinal flora supports the immune system, which can then concentrate on the protection against bacteria or viruses.

In the treatment of the intestine are
our dietary supplements, sober partly, and partly taken with meals.
The duration of treatment is as necessary 4 to 12 weeks and should be conducted twice a year.
The components of the intestinal treatment are tasty and well tolerated. This kind of treatment is suitable for all adults, regardless of age and gender.
The elements of our main treatment system are:








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